Gujarati Wedding Cards Format

We are one of the foremost companies in manufacturing and supplying the Gujarati Weddings cards. There is nothing like a Gujarati Wedding Invitation card format. Any designer wedding card with the details in Gujarati language can be a Guajarati invitation card. We are having various types of cards with the ideas attached with more styles and ideas. The more important is looks of the card which should be more beautiful. When you go through the cards you can find lot of things which are present in the cards.

The Following is the list of the things which are present in almost all Gujarati Wedding Cards:

  • Shree Ganeshay Namah
  • Mangalik Prasango
  • Ganesh Sthapna
  • Sangeet Sandhiya
  • Hast Melaap
  • Bhojan Samarabh
  • Mantras
  • Tahuko

The above mentioned are the details for basic format of invitation card which are common in all of them. As there are many castes in Gujarat the format varies from caste to caste.

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